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 Application - Raki

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Application - Raki Empty
PostSubject: Application - Raki   Application - Raki Empty30/08/12, 12:00 am

Hi all.. I have applied to be a member of this forum. I admit I don't play much online (I do solo or LAN play due to internet issues), but I am active on the forums and will try to contribute to the community however possible.

Garena username: Raki
GoH forum name: Raki
Characters: Seraph - lvl 60 / SP 60 / MP 60, Elemental Mage - lvl 60 / SP 42 / MP 04, Priest lvl 38/ SP 15/ MP 00
Forum activity: High (I visit forums everyday Razz)
Online game activity: Low (till I can get a good net connection, unfortunately)

I have registered for membership and am waiting for confirmation. Go GoH!! Smile
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Application - Raki
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