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PostSubject: Application-Gagas   02/08/12, 04:15 am

Hello everyone, im Gagas, im an old-school goh player, used to play with few friends over lan, now the nostalgia brought me back and i cant wait to see what has changed, so im looking for a group of active peeps to play with Smile

Garena Username: Gagas
Level of Highest character (lvl 1 - 60mp): 41
Activity on forums (low / medium / high): medium(mostly browsing, and checking for news)
Activity in game (low / medium / high): medium
Account you Registered with: Gagas2009
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PostSubject: Re: Application-Gagas   02/08/12, 04:34 am

sry i made a mistake on the last one Smile

should be like this:

Account you Registered with: Gagas
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Game Master

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PostSubject: Re: Application-Gagas   02/08/12, 06:28 am

Hello Gagas
The One That Needs To Activate Your Account Is Masterja.
And Curently The Clan Is Semi-Dead Because We Wait For The New Release.
Many People Got Bored So We Are Kinda On A Vacation Here.
But Once New Release Comes You Can Be Sure That Our Clan Is Going To Be Overthrown With Activity Razz

Best Wishes , unikalen

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PostSubject: Re: Application-Gagas   03/08/12, 07:11 am

Heya, i was on a trip for last 2 days, so im sorry for late reply.

Anyway, welcome to EoH, have a nice stay!
Account approved, you may now log in.

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PostSubject: Re: Application-Gagas   

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