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 Epar the Awesome

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PostSubject: Epar the Awesome   09/07/12, 12:26 am

Wazzup people

My name is Robert Prce and i live in Bosnia and Herzegovina
I'm 19 years old and, widouth job, game-holic, smokeing weed, partying.
I have older girlfriend ( 25 if i have to say), and soon i will move in her place
At this moment i live with my parents, mother and father, sister got married and brother is at collage
Since i dont have job as i already said, i play games most of the time.
I mostly play War3 - GoH ofc, WoW, and CoD4 at Ps3 (PSN - Brutality46)
I am fucken awesome at free time, and bastard sometimes
It is nice to meet you guys, and i hope we will do more wicked games together

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PostSubject: Re: Epar the Awesome   09/07/12, 12:29 am

Heya Epar, glad to have you in EoH!
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Epar the Awesome
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