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 Application - neryboi

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PostSubject: Application - neryboi   Application - neryboi Empty26/07/12, 04:52 am

Hello, I'm neryboi, from Philippines. I want to join this community 'coz I'm looking for people to play with. I just tried the game solo and I want to try it with other people now.

Garena Username: neryboi
Level of Highest character (lvl 1 - 60mp): Elemental Mage lvl 60 - 4mp
Activity on forums (low / medium / high): low - only checking the forums for guides and/or additional info since I'm new in this game.
Activity in game (low / medium / high): medium solo. Haven't experienced multiplayer yet.
Account you Registered with: neryboi, but my character is saved with the name Koko

I play solo when our internet connection is out since I can't do school stuffs. But when I'm free and don't have anything to do, I wanna try this game with the other players. I'm currently experimenting with my elem mage so my char is not that strong yet but I'm willing to learn from other players.
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Application - neryboi Empty
PostSubject: Re: Application - neryboi   Application - neryboi Empty26/07/12, 05:15 am

We would be glad to have you, but sadly for you, this is European Clan, and if we have players from Philippines here, it would cause lots of lag in our games.

Secondly, codes are name-bound, that means if you play under other name, you need to start from scratch.

Anyway, if you want to play with someone, check out this thread, it contains list of Philippines players.

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Application - neryboi
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