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 Application - StaticMan

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PostSubject: Application - StaticMan   Application - StaticMan Empty22/07/12, 12:06 pm

Greetings, fellow GoH lovers! I'm StaticMan, and I am looking for a dedicated GoH community that hosts regular games on Garena.

My info:

Garena Username: Lord_Valantis
Level of Highest character: Ranger Lv60, SP50, MP13 and rising by about 2 MP per game
Activity on forums: Low, just found and joined the GoH forums a few days ago
Activity in game: Very high on solo/multiloader mode, low on online multi (haven't been able to find games to join in Garena)
Account you Registered with: StaticMan

I started playing GoH a few weeks ago, and just recently downloaded and installed Garena to find other players. Constant searching for a GoH-dedicated community eventually brought me to the official site, and eventually here.
Looking forward to becoming a member of this awesome group and meeting other players dedicated to GoH. Frankly it's getting tiring playing solo, and most players who join the games I create don't really appreciate what a great game GoH is.

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PostSubject: Re: Application - StaticMan   Application - StaticMan Empty23/07/12, 12:25 am

Heya, welcome to EoH! Just one thing before we continue - check out Clan Event thread once daily to see clan events that are happening (in those games, you gain around 30 MP minimum, as well as tons of teals).

Account approved, you may now log in.

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Application - StaticMan
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